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Disturbia among suburban haunted houses preying on people's fears

Roughly half of this year's version of Disturbia is new, Pantano said. The haunt takes visitors into a Victorian-style house that appears normal at first. But then visitors start to descend into the house's lower levels. With each descent, the environment grows more terrifying.

"It's a journey from the normalcy of life into the bottom of the barrel of horror," Pantano says with glee.

examiner-logo For the 2015 season, Disturbia: Screams in the Park features 20,000 square feet of terror and more than 35 rooms. The journey features various rooms, tunnels, and paths. While not trying to give away all the secrets of the haunted experience, this event is quite scary.

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The haunted house features an insane asylum overrun with murderous clowns and Caverns of Darkness, a maze of dark, underworld passages.

“Disturbia: Screams in the Park” features 20,000 square feet of mayhem and houses an Insane Clown Asylum and Cavern of Darkness. It’s an immersive experience—you’ll have to make your own decisions and fight your way through the rooms filled with bloodthirsty clowns (there really doesn’t seem to be any other kind, does there?) and murderous mazes of the underworld. A wrong turn could easily mean a dead end for you.

With two new attractions, Insane Clown Asylum and Caverns of Darkness, the acclaimed interactive horror experience returns to Rosemont.

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