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New For This Season

Disturbia “Screams in the Park” returns for 2016, redefining the meaning of scary and setting the standard for a whole new level of fear. With the addition of several completely new areas, such as the multi-levels of the SEWERS OF THE UNDERWORLD, a dark ominous place where the Waters of Evil drain and completely surround you; and the DARK SWAMP, where only the creatures of the dark know what lies waiting to torment unsuspecting trespassers.

Disturbia 2016 will combine some of the great scares of the past with many brand new, dangerous torments! There are also several redesigned attractions such as the HOUSE OF VICTORIA, where the possessed Souls of the Damned threaten the sanity of your very existence; and the Cabin in the Woods, a place where massacred hillbillies are the victims of a horrific, blood thirsty evil.

Our all new exit design will completely terrify you; but it is a secret so let’s just leave it at this: it is so scary the fear will haunt you in your nightmares! EXPERIENCE DISTURBIA “SCREAMS IN THE PARK”, where old world fear and new world torment create a level of fright you will never survive!

Two top-rated Chicagoland Haunts have now merged into one terrifying experience

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