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New For This Season

New for 2015 is Disturbia: Screams in the Park’s unnerving insane asylum, which has been taken over by a murderous clowns that were driven mad to do the unthinkable to anyone who disrupts them. Your decisions determine your fate as you traverse the halls of the asylum, looking to escape unscathed. The experience will literally “shock” you into a new state of mind.

One of the deepest, darkest experiences at Disturbia: Screams in the Park is the Caverns of Darkness. New to this year’s haunt, guests will travel through the a maze of underworld passages within the caverns, unable to rely on their sense of sight to aid them in their escape. Beware of several dead ends as you make your journey, as the sum of all your fears will be awaiting your arrival. Make a wrong turn and you’ll never be able to escape Disturbia’s Caverns of Darkness.

Two top-rated Chicagoland Haunts have now merged into one terrifying experience

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